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Termite Barrier Types – What is the best fit for your property

There are more and more termite barrier types coming onto the market. So which one is the right fit for your home? Termite Barrier Types can really be categorised in three main types of termite protection. Chemical Barrier Reticulation System Termite Baiting System While the manufactures might be different, these are the fundamental designs they…
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Termites In Australia

We live with Termites in Australia and the numbers are only going to increase. Out of all the species there are 8 main types capable of causing damage to homes. Furthermore Being subterranean and hollowing timber from the inside out. Termites go unnoticed until severe damage has been done.In fact There are many ways termites…
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Why A Yearly Pest Control Treatment Will Rid Your Home Of Pests

A yearly pest control treatment will break the pests breeding cycle and keep them away for the long run. Being proactive with a Yearly Pest Control Treatment is the only way to keep your home bug free, year round. There has been major advancements pest treatments and training. Gone are the days of drenching the…
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