Bed Bug Bites – How to Treat them

Bed Bug Bites Often Get Misdiagnosed For Flea, Mite/Lice, or Mosquito Bites.

With a lot of similarities, bed bug bites often get confused with flea bites. Flea bites are normally from the knee down. Scattered bites which are mostly around the sock line. Bug bites are in rows of three bites and are normally located where the body (skin) meets the sheets.

What do the bites look like?

Bed Bug Bites

bed bug bites look like thisNot many customers say they can feel the bed bugs crawling on them. bugs have adapted to feed on humans. They stay dormant in the bedding until you fall into a deep sleep. They seek the body's excretion of carbon dioxide when we are in a deep sleep. Then they follow the heat source until they find you, staying on the bed linen as to not touch you. From there they get close enough to inject two tubes into the skin. The first one injects a numbing agent (anesthetic) to the bite area while the second painlessly extract the blood. Within minutes a Bed Bug can reach its maximum bloody intake all without the person knowing. Tripling its body weight in a single feed.

a reaction to bed bug bites symptoms

Depending on the person it may take days for the itchy bites to show. So tracking down where the bites occurred can be tricky, especially when traveling. Symptoms of their bites vary as well from red itchy lumps to full-on hive-like welts in a bed bug rash. It all depends on how hypersensitive the person is to the bites. The bites themselves may be itchy but if left without additional irritation they should clear up within a week. While fairly rare some people have developed severe reactions from bed bug bites. Anything more than a small reaction should be investigated further by your doctor.

What If They Are Not Bed Bug Bites?

the different common biting insects types


If we cannot find any signs of Bed Bugs then there are two things we suggest. The first is to visit your family GP (Doctor). They can identify what the bites are or run tests to confirm. Failing that we can leave several sticky traps in the affected room. These sticky traps will trap any insects, even ones that are hard to see with the naked eye. The sticky traps are then mailed to our entomologist for accurate identification. This is a charged service so we ask customers to see their Doctor first.

Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bugs | National Geographic

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