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Once you 1st spot the existence of termites it is already too late so a quick response is really important. If you live in Gold Coast we can help you. is considered one of our special services. We realize that sometimes even a slight hesitation is likely to make the damages so much worse and set you back more in repair work. We always offer the best prices in the profession and you can be confident of a job well done. Certified Home Services provides a wide variety of services and we assist both domestic and business clients get their property termite free.

Some ideas to help your home in Biggera Waters stay free of ants

You can minimize the attractiveness of your property to ants by using some straight forward steps. Empty waste containers regularly, use trash liners in garbage containers and get rid of food containers and other containers before disposing of them. Having a large waste bin grants the ants more opportunity of finding this treasure trove of food. Keep bench tops and flooring clear of food scraps and waste and clean regularly. Pet Food is a big one , feed your fur babies outside and don't leave the bowl out. Also, store their food in airtight containers as the ants will find it. Seal any areas where they are getting in, just follow ant trails and find out where they are coming from and going to. Then you can block up these areas making it difficult for them to get back in. Get regular pest controls done, this will reduce the populations and make it easier to keep them under Control. Preventative treatments help to disrupt the growth of any ant colonies as well as other small insects.

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If you have pests on your property, you want to remove them, fast! Not only can they be a nuisance, but they will often - like with termites for instance - be the source of significant structural impairment to your residence. Certified Home Services provide you with expert information, removal, control and handling of pests in professional environments, households and other property. Switching to skilled pest control is always advised since both rats and mice transfer disease that can contaminate people. Along with the severe health threat presented by rats and mice, there is the risk of expensive harm to your home or office and structure from termites too.