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Once you 1st notice the activity of termites it is already too far gone so a rapid resolution is critical. If you happen to be in Gold Coast Certified Home Services can help you end any infestation really fast. is considered one of our main services. Termites are robust invaders and generally difficult to eliminate but we have you covered. We generally quote the best prices in the industry and you can count on a job well done. Certified Home Services can provide a wide diversity of treatments and we assist both non-commercial and business customers get their property free of termites.

Ants are social organisms that can be found on most regions around the globe

In Australia we have approximately 1300 species. From the bulldog ant which is one of the most dangerous ants in the world to the common black and coastal brown ants which commonly infests our homes in Australia. The common black and coastal brown ants are the ones we treat the most. As every species of ants has different characteristics we have to adjust the type of treatment that we use to get rid of an infestation in Ormeau Hills. Every time that we formulate a plan for treatment, we take into account the species of ant that we are dealing with. This can mean that the types of treatment that we use will vary from case to case. We have many different options available to us ranging from the use of ant traps, and powders, liquids and chemical solutions. It is very rare to find that you are able to solve an ant infestation immediately. This is why we will use as many different approaches over several sessions to get the desired results. For your peace of mind we guarantee our treatments. The treatments that have taken place inside a property, there is a 12 month guarantee. While the treatments outside of the property you will have a three months guarantee.

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Australia is a fantastic nation, with lots of sturdy structures for people to live in, but also for vermin such as mice, insect pests like cockroaches, and termites to gate-crash. Certified Home Services have different equipment and pesticides we use depending on the sort of pest problem that needs resolving. Certified Home Services provides control services for all infestations, including possums, fowl, spiders, mice, white ants, insects and bed bugs. Call us today to get high quality pest control.