Pool Safety Certificate Gold Coast


Do I need a Pool Safety Inspection?

When buying or selling a property in Queensland that has a pool, a pool safety inspection in required. If it passes you will be issued a Certificate of Conformation. This Certificate is valid for 2 years on a non shared pool (private residential) and 1 year for a shared pool (body corporate complex).

Apart from when buying or selling it is every pool owners responsibility to correctly maintain their pool fence. This safety campaign was introduced by state government to reduce young children from drowning or other serious injury.

Landlords and Leasing

The pool will require a current Pool Safety Certificate before a lease can be signed. As stated above, a non shared pool will have a certificate which will be active for two years. During that time new leases can be entered into without a new pool safety inspection needed. Once that two years has lapsed then you will need another pool safety inspection before another lease can be entered into. In a shared pool (body corporate) the same applied with the exception of the certificate is valid for 1 year only.

Buying or Selling a Property with a Pool

Selling a property with a pool: First of all the Pool needs to be registered with the local council. If there is no current pool safety certificate then a Pool Safety Inspection is required. If the vendor chooses not to get one with the sale of the property then they need to complete a Form 36. This needs to be submited to the buyer and to the Department of Housing and Public Works.

Buying a property with a pool: If the buyer accepts these terms in the contract of sale then they have 90 days from settlement to arrange a pool safety inspection and get a certificate of conformation. This is something we can do at the same time as the Building and Pest Inspection.

Additional information can be found on the Department of Housing and Public Works website.

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