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Termite Control Barrier Installation

Termite Barrier Chemical Termite Barrier or management systems as they are called today: Installation, effectiveness, cost, and how safe are they? Chemical Termite barriers and Termite inspections and termite types. Termites destroy old buildings and newly built ones as well. Give them enough time, and they will get in and destroy your home in no…
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Expired Termite Barrier Get it Renewed

Customers Bring Expired Termite Barrier Back To Life. The results from the Building and Pest Inspection showed there was an expired White ant Barrier in place. Installed over 10 years ago the white ant Barrier is truly out of date. With all the drill holes existing, bringing a Barrier back to life is relatively easy. All…
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Termite Barrier – Protect Your Home From Foraging Termites

With so many barriers available which Termite Barrier will suit your home? Firstly there are several elements that will govern which type of Termite Barrier will suit your property. This comes down to the dwellings construction type, what surrounds the dwelling, moisture content of the soil, and your Termite Risk Factor. Your risk factor will…
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