Termatrac T3i – The best tool for Termite Inspections

See why the Termatrac T3i is favoured by our Termite Inspection Brisbane team.

Termatrac T3i


The Termatrac T3i is a sound investment with each of our inspectors carrying one. They have an array of tools to complete inspections which include a thermal imaging camera. However the T3i stands it's own out in the field, where it matters most. The 3 in 1 sensors allows for more accurate findings. Especially when you put the T3i up against a Thermal Camera.

Termatrac T3i

Firstly the Termatrac T3i was developed for the Pest Control Industry. The thermal camera (while it does have it's advantages) falls outside its strengths. Also South East Queensland boast some of the highest temperatures in Australia. Ambient heat reduces the effectiveness on the thermal camera due to the low contrast between the external and internal temperatures. In Our experience to find termites in a wall the subnest would have to be quite mature, radiating heat and holding moderate to high moisture before the thermal camera would pick it up. Different story for the t3i because it can source movement of a single line of termites. The thermal camera is extremely useful inspecting homes with high ceilings where the T3i cannot reach.


Also the Termatrac can identify entry points. With us finding these points we then can carry an effective treatment. With the entry point found the treatment will affect more termites and is more likely to eradicate them. In fact in some cases it will eliminate the whole colony.

Termatrac T3i found Termites

Termatrac T3I in action. Showing a fair bit of movement in a wall. Just below the damage found in the bathroom area

Posted by Nick Peebles on Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Moisture means trouble

Our homes have a safe low threshold of moisture. Outside this threshold is where problems occurs. Moisture is responsible for the decay of timber elements around the home but more dangerously, they allow termites to be active in your home. The Termatrac T3i has a dual mode moisture sensors. Which measures Direct Moisture and Relative Moisture. The Direct sensor finds moisture in the wall and the Relative sensor reports back on how deep it is. More information can be found on the Termatrac Website.

Furthermore the Australian Standards for a Termite Inspection is based on a Visual Inspection only. Our Termite Inspection Brisbane inspectors exceed this standard by using modern tools which includes the Termatrac T3i and  modern techniques to locate termites.

With using these modern proven tools we go beyond the Australian standard.

So you can be confident of one of the most thorough inspections available.

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