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If you need an immediate resolution for a current termite infestation, your best chance is to get in contact with Certified Home Services as soon as possible. We have a qualified team ready to go anywhere in Moreton Bay. We will arrange for and ensure your home or office remains safeguarded from even further harm. One of the most practical things you could do to prevent additional harm to your property or home is contact Certified Home Services today. For a very reliable pest control provider at lower rates, don't be afraid and contact us immediately. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Exterminating termites is one of our specialties. For the fastest home or commercial service anywhere in and around Moreton Bay, call us today.

Instant Ant Control Aid for Mount Mee Consumers

In Australia we have approximately 1300 species. From the bulldog ant which is one of the most dangerous ants in the world to the common black and coastal brown ants which commonly infests our homes in Australia. The common black and coastal brown ants are the ones we treat the most. As every species of ants has different characteristics we have to adjust the type of treatment that we use to get rid of an infestation in Mount Mee. You must be aware ant species have different food preferences. Some are sugar feeders and some are protein feeders and some types like both but only feed on what is needed at the time. So it is not unusual to use multiple treatments at the same time. We are able to apply treatments directly to the paths that the ants will use. These treatments will be toxic to the ants and so help resolve the infestation problem. It is very rare to find that you are able to solve an ant infestation immediately. This is why we will use as many different approaches over several sessions to get the desired results. For any work that we have done on an infestation that was located outside we will guarantee against a return of ants for three months. The work that took place internally that guarantee period is extended to a full year.

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If you have pests on your property, you want to make them go away, without delay! Not only can they be a nuisance, but they may - with regards to termites for one - be the source of considerable structural damage to your home. Certified Home Services provide expert assistance, elimination, control and management of pests in professional environments, places of residence and company buildings. The use of skilled pest control is generally advised since both rats and mice transport diseases that can infect humans. On top of the serious health risk presented by rats and mice, there is the possibility of very expensive harm to your household and infrastructure from termites as well.