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Need a Bond pest control Treatment done to a place you are leaving?

Certified Home Services will do your Treatment and send the required paperwork to your Real Estate manager the same day which will save you some time and stress. Fleas and ticks are covered if you have had any pets which is a requirement of your tenancy agreement so you can get your bond money back.

Bond Pest Treatment Also known as an End of lease Pest Treatment. The residential tenancies act states that the lessor shall ensure that the rental property at the commencement of the tenancy is clean and fit to live in. This means when you are renting a property. It is written into the Tenancy Lease Agreement. That the exiting tenant must have a pest control treatment done. Our Bond Pest Control Treatment covers general pests (spiders, ants, and cockroaches) plus fleas. Even if you haven't had pets in that property, most agreements require it as well. If you do have dogs or cats the flea treatment is required inside and outside and it comes with a three-month warranty.

When to book the Bond pest control treatment?

We come in last after you have packed up everything and done the bond clean. It is becoming more and more common for rental agreements to include professionally steam cleaned floors at the end of the tenanted period. The treatment is all low toxic and dries very quickly with no staining or leftover residue.

Do I have to attend the End of lease control treatment?

You can leave keys in a lockbox and let us know how and where to access it. Other than that you can meet our pest controller on site, let them in, and then leave. Our Control Tech can then simply lock up after the treatment. If you do attend you will need to leave the property for up to 4 hours while the application dries. Dry times can vary and your Pest Control Technician will advise you of the time on the day.

What do I give the Real Estate Agent?

With the end of lease treatment, we supply a treatment certificate that you hand on to the real estate agency or we can send via email if required.

End of lease Pest Control includes a 3 (three) month internal warranty.

**Bond Cleaning done after the End of lease Pest Treatment then this will disturb the chemical application and void any warranties.

Our Bond Treatment will arrange an express booking. We service all areas from Brisbane, North Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast. Prices vary depending on the size of the property and what needs to be done so give us a call today for a quote. Our friendly staff will organize a time that suits you.

So Give Vicki or Lauren a call to book your end of lease control on 32008586

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