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Handover inspections For new Homes
Handover inspection For new Homes

First of all Nothing will take that excitement away quicker than getting into your new built  home to find poor finishing and Tradesmanship.  Certified Home services  offer a  thorough  Handover Inspection to make sure everything is up to standard.  We strongly recommend when you get to the Hand over stage you use  independent unbiased Home inspectors to act on your behalf.  The inspectors will thoroughly check the property for Defects and list them in our thorough report with photos and explanations that you can easily understand.

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We work with owners buying a new home who are not sure during handover whether they are truly getting what they paid for. Especially when it comes to construction and finishing standards.

A lot of people get to handover stage of a new property but then rely on the builder for a final quality check. You must realise that some builders at this stage are eager to get their final payment and are happy to let things slide that are just not quite right. From experience it is easier to get these issues rectified before final payment as they are more motivated to get the last payment.

Handover inspections For New Homes

What is the Australian Standard?

Australian Standard AS4349.1 – 2007 Appendix C

The objective of this Standard is to provide persons and organizations concerned with pre- purchase inspections of residential dwellings with the basic criteria necessary in order to facilitate inspections and reports that satisfy the requirements of both the client and inspector.


Our Builders will look over and assess all internal items such as.

  • All Cabinetry (Kitchen, Bathroom etc)
  • Carpentry Work.
  • Paint Finishes.
  • Plaster Work.
  •  Floor Coverings and Tiling.
  • Door Installations and fittings

Our Home Inspectors will look over and assess all external areas such as.

  • Rendering.
  • Brickwork
  • Fencing.
  • Window Installations.
  • Roof Tiles or Sheeting, Gutters and Downpipes.

We will also look at;

  • Roof Void/Ceiling Space.
  • Subfloor Space access permitting.

When its time for your handover of your new home , whether you are intending to live in or investing  call us on Call us:1300077133

Handover inspections For New Homes

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