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Our White ant service Inspection Brisbane office can arrange fast (even same day) inspections! All you have to do is contact us to know termite inspection cost. Whether you just need an annual Termite Inspection or you may have discovered active Termites or Termite Damage. We have highly experienced, licensed Brisbane based Termite Service Inspectors who are ready to give your home a thorough going over. We also offer pre-purchase building and pest inspections. With our pre-purchase building and pest inspections we use two inspectors. One fully licensed building inspector with over 30 years experience and one licensed timber pest inspector. We do not use builders with a termite license. This will give you the best possible outcome to make an informed decision when buying your new home.

Termite Service Brisbane

Our White ant Service Inspection Brisbane Team knows experience matters. There are several main types of timber destroying termites in Australia. Also understanding their different characteristics is important. Knowing these nesting, eating, and exploring habits gives us a better chance of finding termite activity and potentially where the nest/s are.

Termites favor timber that is high in moisture as they require a damp area to survive. White ants can attack dry wood if there is a moisture source nearby such as a leaking pipe.

This is why we see most termite damage to wet zones like the laundry, bathroom, and kitchen. So detecting moisture is a large part of our White ant inspection. Most homes will hold a safe threshold of moisture which is normal, it's when it goes high we have issues. We use a Thermal Imaging Camera and Scientific Grade Moisture Meter to find these areas of concern during the inspection. Also, we use the Termatrac T3i, the world's number one Termite detection tool.

Where Do We Look In A Termite Service Inspection

Our White ant Service Inspection Reports are very comprehensive. and adhere to Australian Standards 3660.2-2017 for existing buildings. All our Brisbane White ant Inspectors are agile enough to enter the ceiling space and underfloor areas (Subfloor) provided it is safe. The ceiling space inspection is vital to a thorough examination and a simple look from the manhole will not suffice.

Areas Included In A White Ant (Termites) Inspection;

1. Ceiling Space (provided there are sufficient height and no foil insulation present).
2. Timber Elements to the Ceiling Space eg. Trusses, Joists, Battens.
3. Timber Elements inside the home.

  • Timber Architraves.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Joinery.
  • Stairs.
  • Windows, Doors, and Door. Jambs.
  • Walls and Floor Coverings.

4. Subfloor.
5. Timber Elements External

  • Decking.
  • Non-Structural Retaining Walls.
  • Gardens and Landscaping.
  • Other yard structures. (Sheds, Gazebos, etc) no more than 50 meters from the main dwelling.
  • White ant protection, eg: Termite barriers, physical and chemical.

With White ants coming up from the ground. a complete sub-floor inspection is imperative.

What equipment is used in our Termite Service Inspections?

A Termite Inspections as defined by Australian Standards is a Visual Inspection only. At Certified Home Services we go one step further by investing in State-Of-The-Art Equipment and modern techniques.

Some of the equipment in our Brisbane Termite Inspections are used is;

  • Thermal Imaging Camera. - For aiding in the detection of moisture throughout the home and may help in the detection of Termites.
  • Termatrac T3i - Rated as the world's most effective White ant Detection Tool. Contains Termite Radar. Direct and relative Moisture meter and Thermal sensor.
  • Acoustic Probe. - Used to sound out hollow timbers and assist in finding White ant Damage.
  • Scientific Grade Moisture Meter. - This unit helps track down areas of the home which are holding moisture and may indicate a bigger issue.
  • High-Resolution Digital Camera. - For taking photos of Areas of Concern for the White ant Inspection Report.
  • Borescope Camera. - Used in Invasive Inspections, where this cable camera is feed into the wall or void for further investigation of areas of concern.
  • Digital Reporting Software. - Field staff is now 100% paperless as all reports are now digital and can be sent to the customer the same day!
  • Also the most important, Eyes, Ears, and years of experience.

Get a 12 Month Warranty With Your Termite inspection.

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In fact, Some customers will be eligible for a 12 Month Inspection Warranty. To get the warranty Customers will have to rectify the termite inspectors' recommendations relating to the Conduce Environments.

These Conduce Environments will need to be fixed within 30 days of the Inspection and photos emailed through to. [email protected]. In fact, If you have been notified that your home is eligible and White ants are found on your property we will do a localized treatment at no charge. For more information contact our Termite Inspections Brisbane office.

This can potentially save you $100's of dollars.

Conducive Environment. - What attracts White ants to my house.

Termite Inspections Brisbane.

Firstly A Conducive Environment is an area around your home that can potentially attract White ants or other Timber Pests. Poor ventilation to subfloors, inadequate drainage, gardens up against homes is just a few. In fact, these areas of concern are high on the radar is because they all are sources of moisture. Furthermore where there is moisture is a good sign of where Termites will attack. Most importantly moisture is the number one on our radar, like us termites need water to survive. So if you have moisture around your home the termites will turn up. So fix those leaking taps, fix your broken downpipes, and connect your air-con and hot water service overflows to the drainage. Also when termites fly during spring, they are actually reproductive termites (Alates) and they are on the search for these conducive conditions.

Remove these Conducive Environments and you lower your termite risk factor. A White ant inspection that looks heavily into conducive environments is our Termites Pest Report. Used when buying a house, this report goes through not just termites it covers timber pests like wood borers and timber decay fungus. It talks about previous termite damage.. and also important, future termite activity. More information can be found on our Termite Pest Inspection page.


So It's not just your home that termites love, we have seen many commercial buildings under attack. The main emphasis is on home termite protection. In fact, We are seeing time and time again termites working themselves in commercial properties. Even concrete prefab warehouses are not safe. Termites can go unnoticed because people are not expecting them to be there. Once seen the damage can is substantial. We have many Brisbane commercial businesses in a pest management program. which includes a 6-month pest control treatment and a yearly termite inspections

Termite Treatment.

The good news is that if termites are found our termite treatment Brisbane team can do an effective chemical application (Termite Barrier). Furthermore, All our treatment work is covered by warranty and we only use the best chemicals available to treat termites. Furthermore, Termidor is our go-to, to treat termites. We use a Termidor foaming treatment or Dusting. Termidor has a transfer effect which will eliminate the termites from your home.

So if you are after a friendly family owned and run company to give you a thorough Inspection, Pre-purchase building, and pest inspections. Then contact our Termite inspection Brisbane Team. Give Vicki or Lauren a call to book our inspection team on (32008586) Licensed for both commercial and home inspections. And We hunt for Termites in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, and on The Gold Coast.

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White ant Inspection.

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Also, You can book a White ant inspection and include pest control and will only cost. $295.00 saving $85.00.

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