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Termite Inspections Brisbane

Termite inspections, Building, and pest inspection Brisbane, Thorough experienced Professional inspectors. Contact us to know termite inspection cost Brisbane, Our Termite inspections Teams have years of experience and use the latest technology to assist them in finding termite issues.

Thermal Camera

Termite Nest Located with Thermal Camera

Termite inspections Brisbane
White ants Found with the Termatrac T3i

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Termites in Brisbane, Ipswich, and Logan

Termites are almost everywhere in Australia and unfortunately in South East Queensland. Brisbane through to the Gold Coast is one of the worst places when it comes to Termites. According to the CSIRO 1 in 3 Australian homes will get or have had termites or white ants. So if you don’t have termites at the moment, the chances are pretty high you could get termites in the near future. And millions of termites could soon be heading your way. Termites are constantly foraging for new food sources to feed the ever-growing white-ant colony. In fact, a mature termite colony has over a million termites and with the queen laying over 1000 eggs per day that is a lot of mouths to feed.

Termite Damage

White ants live in colonies and travel hundreds of meters to find food and some termite colonies can cover up to 5 hectares. A single colony is made up of millions of termites that will cause thousands of dollars of damage to your house in just a few months. In fact, Termites never sleep, termites build the colony eat reproduce 24 hours a day until they die. Also, Termites travel through underground galleries. They enter your home through concealed cavities and destroy the internal timbers leaving the exterior shell intact. Most homeowners won’t know they have termites until the damage is done.

Additionally, the cost of termite damage in Australia exceeds $1 billion a year –  Far more than the storm, fire damage and Tempest combined. No wonder insurance companies won’t insure against White ant damage.

termite inspections Brisbane

Termite Damage

White ants
As you can see the termites have damaged the timber floors

What Happens During a Termite Inspection?

External Inspection.

Our experienced inspectors take 1 to 2 hours to check everything thoroughly around your home or business before starting The Termite Treatment. They start outside by inspecting the fence line, Garden, trees, and logs – looking for any signs of termite activity in the yard. Then they check the exterior of your home for any conditions that attract Termites. We check the guttering, drainage, hot water, and air-conditioning overflows and any water leaks. Termites are always looking for water sources. Like us, they need water to survive and keep the colony growing. So if you supply this moisture around your home the white ants will set up camp and destroy your home. Also, we check for obstructions to the inspection zone and concrete slab edge. Other things we look for is your termite protection and is it up to date.

Termite inspections Brisbane

Termites Inspections
A clear inspection zone is 75 mm from the weep hole to the ground.

Once we complete the outside we have formed a picture of what is going on around the home and its risk factor for termite attack. Every house tells its own little story which we then can get an idea of whether we will find termites inside or not.

Internal termite’s treatment.

Inside they check all timber in the home. The architraves, door, and window frames, skirting boards, walls, and carpet edging, and even your cabinetry. They even crawl into the ceiling paying particular attention to areas above bathrooms and laundry where moisture is likely to attract termites. The timber is checked using a timber sounding tool to check for the termites. We can usually tell by the sound of the timber and sometimes you can hear them. In the Video below These termites started communicating during a termite treatment.

Check the video out here and turn up the volume

termite inspections Brisbane

And finally, they look under your home – inspecting piers, and caps, and cavity walls.

So if you need a thorough termite treatment, inspection or building, and pest inspection give Vicki or Lauren a call on 32008586 to know termite inspection cost Brisbane and surrounding areas.

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