Physical Termite Barrier Systems Protection for New Homes and Renovations

Physical Termite Barrier Systems

Pre – Construction Physical Barrier

Physical Termite Barrier
Pipes getting protected before the concrete gets poured

Choosing your  Physical barrier management system (pre-construction Physical white ant barrier) for new buildings, extensions and renovations are one of the most important decisions you will make when Renovating or building your new home. The purpose of a physical white ant management system is to stop undetected termite entry and reduce the risks of white ant attack on your Home. It is a requirement to have one installed to get the certification.

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Now the perimeter gets protected after the concrete is poured

Why Termite Barriers Necessary

  • It is a requirement for new buildings, extensions or renovations
  • To protect your most valuable asset
  • Nearly 34,000 homes each year are damaged by these destructive pests
  • The  damage cost to homes and other structures is in excess of a billion dollars annually
  • Steel framed home is not white ant Proof
  • white ants are active throughout most areas of Australia

Your Choice.

The Building Regulations in Australia state Homes must be fitted with a Physical termite barrier management system or be built with white ant resistant materials.

You the homeowner can choose the type of termite protection system to be installed into your home. The only time you have to make this choice is before the commencement of the building.

Certified Home Services Pest Control is a division of the Certified home inspections and My online pest control and have been installing barriers and physical systems for renovations and new and old homes for over 10 years and only use some of the best systems in Australia.

We specialize in this termite barrier system both physical and chemical.

Your options include:

  • The JH Physical System

    What is JH Termite Barrier?

    JH physical Termite Barrier is a deltamethrin impregnated geosynthetic blanket laminated top and bottom with a high impact polyurethane membrane. This makes it a powerful chemical and physical termite protection barrier against subterranean termites trying to make a concealed entry into your home. JH Termite Barrier has been developed and tested to withstand the 50 year requirements of the BCA, keeping in mind the harsh Australian conditions and the ravaging subterranean termite species found in Australia that could destroy your home.

  • Termseal Physical Termite Barrier

Protecting concrete joints is often overlooked in renovations

Termseal Physical  Barrier is our preferred treatment for concrete joins this is especially important when bathrooms get renovated. Or you have not protected the slab joint on an extension.

  • Chemical Reticulation Treatment Systems

Barrier systems

These are replenishable, piping systems that deliver liquid termite chemicals to the soil under and around areas to the building. The soil is treated to protect or deter white ants from entering homes or buildings. As these chemicals have a lifespan and will break down in a few years the reticulation system can be refilled by just connecting up and pumping new chemicals, which will not cause any disruption and you save in cost. This system can be used in conjunction with the physical system.

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