Your Part In Treating Bed Bugs

Treating Bed Bugs is a combined effort from both the Pest Control Company and the Customer.

Professionally treating Bed Bugs with low toxic chemicals is only part of what is required to get rid of them. Once bugs are identified as the biting insect we then go through the treatment process with you. Our Pest Controller will go through with you what is required on the day. This is a team effort and the more thorough you can be the better outcome you will get.

Removing Fabric Items

treating bed bugs

Part of treating bugs is you removing all small fabric items from the infected room. To limit the chance of Bugs spreading to other rooms we ask you to bag up all your bed linen and clothes into black garbage bags. They need to be bagged up so there is no chance of the pests or their eggs falling into other rooms. This can be clothing, pillows, cushions, etc.

Large items can be treated in the room. Smaller items we ask to be washed on the hottest machine wash possible. Preferably over 45 degrees Celsius. Anything too large or delicate for this wash can be kept in the black garbage bags and left in the sun for a day. The bag needs to be tied airtight so it can reach the higher temperatures that will destroy any bed bugs and their eggs. If possible we ask for the bags to be left for two days.

After this time in the sun, they can be machine washed on a gentle cycle, or for larger items they can be vigorously vacuumed. The vacuum waste will need to be removed outside and placed into a tightly sealed garbage back. This is to reduce the potential of re-infestation.

Treating Bed Bugs In The Mattress

The most expensive part to do with treating Bed Bugs is with customer throwing out their mattress when they don’t have to. The good news is you can keep your mattress and it won’t affect the treatment’s success. We can supply a special Bed Bug mattress protector which will trap any bugs in the mattress and eventually starve them. The protector is double zipped which locks the bugs in. We also have them for mattress ensembles and pillows. These protectors are part of our overall treatment. Don’t go throwing anything away until we have inspected the room.

Bed Bugs In The Carpet

Bed Bugs will be on the carpet when they are on the scavenge for a new host. Carpeted floors are not a hot spot for bugs as it is too far away from a food source. Normally they stay close to the host whether that is the bed or other furniture like lounges. Part of treating bed bugs includes a dusting or misting spray to the floor. This is to treat any bed bugs fleeing the treated area. We ask you to hold back on vacuuming the treated room. Ask our Pest Controller on the day as to when you can clean the room.

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