Why A Yearly Termite Inspection Is Important For Home Owners

Living in South East Queensland it is essential for Home Owners to get a Yearly Termite Inspection.

A yearly Termite Inspection is normally at the back of our minds until we come face to face with them. Years can go by with one on our homes and maybe even longer with our Investment Properties.

The biggest danger with letting years go by is that there could be a potential termite nest in or around your property that is growing in maturity. A mature termite colony given the right environment and years to establish and thrive can devour 500mm of pine 50mm x 25mm (2″ x 1″) in as little as two weeks!!! Now that is scary for any homeowner!

A Yearly Termite Inspection will identify their Activity in and around the dwelling. We can then get a better idea if there is a nest on your property and best protect the dwelling. If a nest if found then we can do a Termite Treatment with Termidor.

One of our expert Pest Controllers will break open the nest and drench it in a low toxic Termiticide. If a nest is not found then we can treat the local area where the termites are and then go through your options on Termite Protection. This is common on homes in close proximity to nature reserves, parks, and other council grounds. We can’t jump the fence and treat the termite mounds, we can only protect your property with a Termite Barrier. If you can see their nest on a tree or on the ground then you can contact your local council and see if they will come out and treat it.

The Major Advantage Of A Yearly Termite Inspection

The reason why we stress the importance if annual termite inspection is the level of damage a new termite colony could do between inspections would just be superficial. We are talking damage to timber door frames and window sills. Nothing that is going to be major to fix. Leaving it to years between inspections and termites could be widespread throughout your home.

Take the time to walk around your home every few months and look for signs of Termite Activity. Look for damp areas, high in moisture, and for Termite mud leads (Termite mudding).

It is easy to organize a yearly Termite Inspection with Certified Home Services. We use state of the art equipment which includes a Thermal Camera and the term track T3i. Call our team on 32008586 for a time that suits you.

We can advise you on what termite protection you need.