Building & Pest Inspection Gold Coast Brisbane and Ipswich.

Building and pest inspections gold coast we use two gold coast inspectors, one building inspector, and one pest inspector. Both have years of experience in their field of inspections. You are not getting one inspector that does both inspections. Additionally, these inspectors are usually a little cheaper so as they say you get what you pay for. Please make sure there are two inspectors when you are shopping around.

Termite damage found during the inspection

Pre Purchase  inspection gold coast

Are you looking for experienced building and pest inspectors, well you have come to the right place?

Get two inspectors qualified in their field of inspections, Not a builder who does both.

You will receive the reports on the same day.

Building pest inspection gold coast

Using the latest technology- The Termatrac t3i the world’s number 1 termite inspection tool.

Also, we invite you to attend the inspection.

Additionally, we will take the time to explain our findings.

Yes, we invite you to attend the inspection. This way we can put things in context so you understand the importance of issues found. Additionally, you will have all the information to make an informed decision on your purchase. Both the building inspector and pest inspector are more than happy to explain their findings.

Building & pest inspection gold coast
Building and pest inspection Gold Coast

Building Inspections Gold Coast

While you are excited about your new home, you tend to look at it with rose-colored glasses. And hopefully, this will be the case and there are no issues. The building inspector and pest inspector will be looking for defects and cover-ups. Some of the things we look for are freshly painted areas ( Dulux Reno). Additionally, these things are usually done to hide defects and our inspectors are on the lookout for this. Some examples, the sellers are hiding timber decay or they try and conceal Termite damage. But with our experienced inspectors they can usually pick these things out. The Pest inspector is on the lookout for hidden or covered up Termite damage. we have actually had paintings covering termite damage or a heap of stored articles hiding damage.

Building and pest inspection gold coast.

Give our Friendly Team a call on 32008586 and Vicki and Lauren will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspections before you buy.

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