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Expired Termite Barrier Get it Renewed

Customers Bring Expired Termite Barrier Back To Life. The results from the Building and Pest Inspection showed there was an expired White ant Barrier in place. Installed over 10 years ago the white ant Barrier is truly out of date. With all the drill holes existing, bringing a Barrier back to life is relatively easy. All…

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Effective Ant Treatment For Home Or Office

Effective Ant Control starts with a visit from one of our Ant Treatment Technicians! With such a large number of "Do It Yourself" Ant Treatment products on the market, most customers come to us after trying to tackle the problem themselves. Spraying bench-tops with a surface spray can actually be detrimental to combating your ant…

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Termites In The Fence

When you find Termites in the fence line it is your first warning to take action! Finding Termites in the fence is very common in older homes. Timber fences are built with chemically treated timber that is resistant to termites. Years in the sun and rain will break down that chemical. Also with homes, they…

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