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Our Bee Removal Service has trained experts who can treat the hive with minimal disruption to your day to day.

bee hive in wall can be difficult to remove
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We can live in harmony with most Bee Hives, especially our native species which Australia has over 1000 different species of Bees. The most common of which we see buzzing around our gardens is the Trigona. The great news is that this genus is stingless and is no harm to people or pets. Some nurseries and farms will keep a hive on their property to help pollinate their plants. So they are a great asset and won’t sting the staff working around them.

The European Honey Bee is the most you find around the house. The European honey Bee will sting you when their hive is threatened. They can turn nasty when they believe the hive is under attack. Be warned that this can be something as simple as using the lawn-mower too close to the hive. The sound and vibration will alarm the hive and they will spring into action. When in trees away from the house they are of no harm.

Where the problem lies is when the hive moves. Sometimes they can find refuge in wall voids, ceiling spaces, and under houses. Leaving the old hives the colony swarms to protect the queen until a suitable environment is found.

Bee Swarm – What to do!

Firstly keep your distance. That includes pets and children. Let the swarm settle and keep an eye on where the majority of the activity is. Don’t fret if they are going in behind cladding or through brick mortar. We have an effective treatment that they will not be able to escape from.

Bee control

Do not attempt a Do-It-Yourself fix. We strongly advise against this. A DIY approach can mean upsetting the colony and you being stung, potentially multiple times. A colony can consist of to 40, 000 bees so you don’t want to get on their bad side.

Our Pest Controllers are trained on modern techniques to eradicate the colony inside your house. We use safe low toxic chemicals that are applied in a way that is no harm to family or pets.

Time is of the essence so give us a call to arrange an express appointment for bee control.

 You can save the Beehive.

"effective bee control teatment

Where possible if the Native Hive is outside and of no harm to others we try to have the hive saved. We understand bees are an important part of our lives and are responsible for our agricultural industry. There are beekeepers who can bring a clear perspex box to put the Queen into. When you move the queen the rest of the hive will surround the box leaving the newly formed hives and then you can relocate the hive. We want to relocate the Native Colonies, the European Honey Bee is a pest and threatens the livelihood of our native species.

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If you can identify them as native bees then call Bob the Bee Man on 0732895553 or 0409673732. Please do not call Bob if they are European Honey Bees. He will ask for a photo to identify the bee if and when you call.

If they turn out to be European Honey Bees and are in a tree or a scrub then give us a call and we may be able to find a commercial beekeeper who would be interested in collecting the Queen and hive.

Reasons to call Certified Home Services for Bee Removal or Bee Control

  1. Licensed and Insured Pest Controllers
  2. Highly experienced in Bee Removal
  3. Trained Bee Control Experts from Brisbane, North Brisbane, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast
  4.  When we treat the bees you get a 3-month warranty
  5. Effective Bee Pest Control to stubborn or hard to get to Hives in your walls and around your house in trees and plants.

So give us a call if you have swarming bees around your home or office. With Bee Control, time is of the essence so act fast and we will arrange an express appointment. So Give Vicki or Lauren a call on 32008586

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