Expired Termite Barrier Get it Renewed

Customers Bring Expired Termite Barrier Back To Life.

The results from the Building and Pest Inspection showed there was an expired White ant Barrier in place. Installed over 10 years ago the white ant Barrier is truly out of date. With all the drill holes existing, bringing a Barrier back to life is relatively easy.

All the holes are re-drilled and improved upon. Also, Some we found were only drilled down to 100mm or so. With these holes, we checked for any local utilities/services. Then carefully drilling down another 200mm or so until we feel that we passed the concrete slab.

Expired Barrier

Once cleared we then go about injecting the Termidor into the holes and dispersing it under the concrete as best we can. The holes are then finished off with plastic plugs and can be painted the same color as the surrounding area.

Expired Termite Barrier

During the White ant Barrier Installation, we saw a lot of black ants entering the property.  They were inside the house scavenging for food. The new tenants were a week away from moving in so we did a full Pest Control Treatment at no charge while we were there. Happy customer and happy tenants.

What if Active Termites are there?

There were no existing active White ants at the property. This customer lives interstate. He just wanted 8 years of peace of mind that his Investment Property is better protected from foraging Termites. If there were active Termites in the property then we would have had to complete a Termite Treatment before installing the white ant Barrier.

Proactive Termite Barrier Control is much cheaper in the long run. The alternative is being reactive and treating active ( white ants )Termites and repairing potentially costly Termite Damage. Once Termites are in the walls the only way to see the extent of damage is to remove wall paneling. Prior to this, we can conduct an invasive inspection using a borescope but it has limited visibility.

If you have an Expired Termite Barrier or one that is nearing its warranty period end then contact us or give us a call on 32008586 to discuss your options.

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