Termites In The Fence

When you find Termites in the fence line it is your first warning to take action!

Finding Termites in the fence is very common in older homes. Timber fences are built with chemically treated timber that is resistant to termites. Years in the sun and rain will break down that chemical. Also with homes, they are being built close to each other today timber fences are not getting the sunlight needed to dry them out. Termites love moisture and they need it for them to establish colonies and thrive.

Given the right environment hidden in a garden, behind a garage or shed, Termites can build a sub-nest to then extend their reach to your home. From there they can build mud leads which give them safe passage in and around your home. Then the real damage starts.

Treating Termites in the fence.


The good news is that we can do an effective termite treatment to the active termites in the fence and destroy any subject we find. We use a Termiticide Chemical(Termidor) which is safe for families and pets but powerful against foraging Termites. This is a localized treatment that will destroy them in the direct area but will not protect your home. To better protect your home a Termite Management System (Termite Barrier) can be installed. We offer a free onsite quote where we can suit the best system for your dwelling. Whilst there we can answer any questions you may have.

A Yearly Termite Inspection lowers your risk of termite attack and we can pick mud leads up along the fence line before they develop into something more sinister.

If you find termites in the fence line then we would stress the importance of getting a full termite inspection. If access permits we will crawl under your home and in the ceiling space. These are critical areas to inspect as they normally have a conducive environment perfect for Termites.

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