Why A Yearly Pest Control Treatment Will Rid Your Home Of Pests

A yearly pest control treatment will break the pest’s breeding cycle and keep them away for the long run.

Being proactive with a Yearly Pest Control Treatment is the only way to keep your home bug free, year-round. There have been major advancements in pest treatments and training. Gone are the days of drenching the home in nasty chemicals. Today’s Pest Control Expert is well training in the eating|breeding|nesting characteristics of targeted pests. With new low toxic chemicals, we are applying less and getting better results.

Normally a Pest Control Company is called out when there is an increase of pests in the home. Pests found inside scouting for food generally are an indication of an infestation. This can set unfair expectations for the chemical treatment and may take a second application to be successful.

A yearly pest control treatment builds on the following year essentially building a barrier against pests. Each year the problem areas are targeted until the pests breeding cycle is stopped.

Cockroaches in particular are capable of dumping all their eggs once they smell or have been affected by a can of surface spray. The same goes for fleas. If you have a pet inside or even just side. With a managed ‘on pet’ flea control and an annual pest control treatment. Both you and your pet can live in comfort.

Enrolling the services of a professional pest management company means areas of your house will be treated where a DIY approach won’t get to. Low foot traffic areas are normally where pests nest. A very common one is your ceiling space. Warm and free from predators, pests can flourish. Part of a yearly pest control treatment will include a dusting of your roof space. Why dust? because it has the ability is getting to the furthest corners of the roof.

Booking Your Treatment

We strongly suggest a yearly pest control treatment simply for peace of mind. You can bundle it together with an annual Termite Inspection to really know the health of your property. Contact our friendly service team on 1300077133.

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