Pool Fence Inspections and Same day reports

 Pool Fence Inspections- and same day Reports.

 Pool Fence Inspection

It is essential our young ones are safe.

Are you selling your home or renting a home with a swimming Pool? Don’t let accidents happen to your children or anyone else on your property.  Pool drownings of children happens much too often in Australia. So you need to help prevent this from happening. The safety of  young ones and people around pools is your legal responsibility.  So You need to make sure your swimming pool is safe and compliant by getting a Pool Fence Inspection in brisbane-Gold Coast and Ipswich.

A  Fence safety inspection ensures that your pool complies with Qld  laws and standards. So if you are selling, renting or living in your own property, you must have a fence safety inspection done by licensed and insured Fence inspector  to get your safety certificate.

Meet Brian our safety inspector

The Fence Inspection

  • Clear and accurate same day reports
  • All Safety Certificates are submitted  within 24 hours of the Inspection
  • Clear photos with easy to understand detailed description of any non compliance  in the reports
  • Same Day Reports usually within 24 hours
  • Also Compliance issues can be fixed on the day if possible (once your quote is Accepted) eg: Signage, latches etc
  • We also send you Reminders to you before your  safety certificate  is due to expire.

Certified home Services is a part of Certified home inspections and offer same day safety Inspection reports

Are you Buying a Property With a Pool?

If you are buying a property, a fence safety inspection will inform  you to what items are non-compliant and how much it will cost you to get them fixed. We can provide a quote for you. At Certified home Services we offer Building and pest inspections . So get all 3 done together.

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